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Find out why for over 20 years we have been the leading independent provider of wildlife filmmaking training.

Wildeye Publishing

Wildlife and Nature Books available to buy online as print and pdf

Conservation Filmmaking

Never has the time been more critical for film-making to help make a difference to the natural world. This book shows you how. A complete ‘how to’ guide, aimed at both film-makers and conservationists who want to use film as a tool for conservation, with a Foreword by Jane Goodall.

Wildpages 3

Now in its third edition. An essential piece of kit!

All the best bits from a festival directory without the expense of actually going to one, and much more!

Many hundreds of listings – invaluable information at your fingertips to save hours of trawling through the Internet and sending many emails.

Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future

What does the future of wildlife film-making hold for us all? Whether you are a budding film-maker, an experienced amateur or a seasoned professional, this new book – an accompaniment to the hugely successful Careers in Wildlife Film-making – attempts to answer this question…

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