Born in the 1990s from a passion for the natural world, Wildeye provides specialist training courses for wildlife and conservation filmmakers, whether professional, amateur or newcomers.

Our popular short courses are tutored by working wildlife camera operators / producers and offer a fabulous insight into the world of wildlife filmmaking whilst providing you with practical skills.

Longer overseas courses allow you to gain experience filming many different species in their natural environments around the world whilst being led by experienced filmmakers.

Over the past twenty+ years we have had thousands of students attend our courses from all over the world and are thrilled to hear of those that are now accomplished in the industry, award-winners, or simply making better wildlife films for their own enjoyment.

Years Old in 2020

Students taught

Thank you so much for a truly inspirational weekend, it confirmed and strengthened my interest in the business. … I havent been this excited about anything for a long time.

Thank you very much for a great weekend! I learned a lot and hopefully will be just what I need for my university application!

Thank you so much Piers, Simon and Adrian for a fantastic course – I left feeling really inspired and motivated and can’t wait to get practising! Thank you for making us all feel so at home too (loved the food!). It was lovely meeting you all, everyone was so friendly.

Thanks to Piers, Simon and Adrian for an amazing course, I got so much out of it and feel really inspired to get out with my camera and make some films! Lovely to meet everyone, you were such fun company.

Thanks so much Piers, Simon and Adrian for an absolutely brilliant course. And to everyone on the course for your fab company. I learnt so much and also came away even more in awe of wildlife film makers – despite all that trixy stuff which I’m trying to forget when I watch Dynasties.

Thank you all for such a cracking weekend, I really enjoyed it. After so long sitting in offices working on ideas it’s great to have a chance to be back out there shooting and updating myself on new tech.

The weekend was awesome and I had a really good time. It was informative whilst being fun and you guys were so open and willing to share your knowledge and expertise and for that, I’m very grateful.

Thanks for a truly wonderful weekend and like all the best things in life you’ve left us wanting more!

Thanks for such a fantastic weekend. It was inspirational. I learnt so much in such a short time. It really did exceed my expectations. To have such fantastic mentors sharing their knowledge, experience and insights was just wonderful, and I would definitely like to come to further training weekends or weeks!

This Wildeye training weekend was put simply, incredible. To be in a place with so many great people as devoted to wildlife as myself was a tremendous experience. I have come away fully equipped to tackle the industry with vital information that you can only get from such experienced, positive and open producers and cameramen as can be found on this course. Worth double the price I paid.

As a complete beginner I didnt feel out of my depth and it was really useful to gain insight into a range of aspects of the wildlife film industry as well as camera work

‘THANK YOU’ for such a clear insight into the world of wildlife film making. We have all come away stimulated by the wealth of extensive information so openly provided. Not only has it been a great education and a memorable experience, it’s been an enormously fun weekend.

The strength of the conservation message was incredibly refreshing and welcome, and a real spur to try and help to get things going in this field, whether novice or professional. The manner in which you made us all feel truly comfortable with the subject matter, regardless of experience, is something I personally very much appreciated. I am still amazed we managed to cover so much in such a short space of time.

Many thanks for taking the time and putting so much effort into producing a course that is both encouraging and inspirational to new Wildlife Film Makers. You have offered an opportunity with this insight and have provided a great basis to move forward from. I have certainly come away eager and enthused to continue this work.

I wanted to thank you for your time, effort, hospitality and most importantly a head start in the industry….. You even answered questions I didn’t know I had!