Stinging nettles have been put to myriad uses by our ancestors, and many of these are still valid today.

Already stinging nettle products are growing in popularity in the field of alternative medicine, as their wide range of health benefits becomes better known.

Learn how this common plant can heal you, feed you, and be put to many surprising uses!

For example, you will discover how to use nettles to:

  • make a liquid plant fertiliser
  • brew an unusual beer
  • make a dandruff treatment
  • protect beehives
  • flavour an omelette
  • make friendship bracelets
  • repel flies naturally
  • make green or yellow fabric dyes
  • keep yourself warm in the winterand much more …

“This book has been a real eye-opener. It’s written in a friendly chatty style, at times funny, but all the 101 uses are quite valid. Some are historical but many can still be used today. I have a whole new respect for this amazing plant and am already using it more – for myself as well.”
Samantha, Somerset.

The Author

Piers Warren

Piers Ⓥ is an author, conservationist, teacher, activist, cook and veganic veg-grower living in Norfolk UK. He also gives talks on climate change and how to live more lightly on the Earth. He has written numerous books on subjects such as wildlife film-making, organic food growing, gardening and vegan cooking as well as two novels. He has also written hundreds of magazine articles and has regular columns in several of them.

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101 Uses for Stinging Nettles

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