This unique book explores the past and present uses of products (wood, bark, fruit, sap etc) of the 35 species of British native trees.

Including a guide to burning wood in the home
  • A genus by genus break down of past and present uses of British native tree products
  • A guide to Coppicing
  • The history and practice of Charcoal Production
  • Firewood – including an exploration of the environmental issues involved in burning wood in the home, sources of firewood, which wood to burn, seasoning and storing firewood, kindling and a foolproof guide to building the one-match-fire!

For example – find answers to the following questions:

Which tree saps can be used to make wine? Which was the best wood for making longbows? Oil from the bark of which tree is an effective insect repellent? Which tree’s bark contains chemical compounds that can selectively kill human cancer cells with no side effects? What is a faggot? What do bodgers do? Which berry was used as a coffee substitute? What wood is the panelling in the House of Commons made of? Which tree’s wood has the right acoustic qualities for making electric guitars? Which tree’s wood made charcoal taken to cure flatulence? …and many more fascinating facts!

This book is for smallholders, wood owners, tree surgeons, gardeners and anyone who loves trees!

The Author

Piers Warren

Piers Ⓥ is an author, conservationist, teacher, activist, cook and veganic veg-grower living in Norfolk UK. He also gives talks on climate change and how to live more lightly on the Earth. He has written numerous books on subjects such as wildlife film-making, organic food growing, gardening and vegan cooking as well as two novels. He has also written hundreds of magazine articles and has regular columns in several of them.

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British Native Trees – Their Past and Present Uses

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