Whether you want to film wildlife as a fascinating hobby, or are hoping for a career as a professional wildlife film-maker, this book and a basic camcorder are all you need to get started!

Packed with information and advice acquired over years of teaching wildlife film-making, Piers Warren guides you through all aspects of making a wildlife film from choosing a camcorder to editing the final product.
  • Selecting a Camcorder – different formats explained (including High Definition)
  • Other Useful Equipment – tripods. lenses, lights, microphones and more…
  • Subjects for Filming – in the garden, on holiday or on a special trip
  • Documentary Themes – how to choose a topic for your film – with numerous examples
  • Camera Techniques – handling, composition, shooting sequences, panning/tilting/zooming, cutaways, interviews and many other techniques discussed
  • Fieldcraft – how to be neither seen, heard nor smelt by the wildlife
  • Set Building – how to construct and use wildlife sets
  • The End Product – DVDs, web-streaming, television, showreels – the possibilities explained
  • Post Production – planning, editing, working with sound tracks, adding music and narration

“Go Wild With Your Camcorder is an excellent book to get you started in wildlife film-making. Very informative and easy to understand. Well structured from beginning to end and a joy to read. A must have accessory for your camera bag.”
Gareth Trezise – Wildlife Cameraman

The Author

Piers Warren
Piers is well known throughout the wildlife film-making industry as the founder of WILDEYE – The International School of Wildlife Film-making, and as the founder of Wildlife Film News and producer of wildlife-film.com, which he created in 1999. With a strong background in biology, education and conservation, he has had a lifelong passion for wildlife films and has a wide knowledge of natural history. He is one of the founders of the international organisation Filmmakers for Conservation and was Vice President for the first three years.

How to Order

‘Go Wild with Your Camcorder – How to Make Wildlife Films’ is available as a paperback book, a PDF ebook or for kindle (see below).

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Go Wild with Your Camcorder

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